Nurses Matter

I’m Jennifer and I’ve been on my nursing journey for over 30 years now. Much of it has shaped who I am and what I care about. I’m deeply concerned about the healthcare crisis and how it’s affecting nurses as the biggest group in healthcare, touching 90% of all patients.

What happens to nurses happens to patients. Empowering nurses is the solution to the healthcare crisis. With this book, I hope to provide nurses with the tools to join the conversation as experts on what must happen now to transform healthcare for all of us.


Nurses Matter

This book is for you, the nurse, and the nurse leader. When we join a Nurse Tribe, the power belongs to us. We have that authority as the world’s biggest group of healthcare professionals; when we mobilize, our voices can no longer be ignored. I’m excited to share how we can transform healthcare together for ourselves and our patients.


Jennifer Thietz

Author | Speaker | Nurse

Jennifer Thietz (nee Marais) is a master-trained nurse and author. She immigrated from Africa to California in 2003, where she worked in acute care settings for eighteen years, most of those at the bedside. She has a wealth of experience regarding the changing face of healthcare in the USA and the current needs of nurses.


Online Journal

I’d like to share some posts from my book, Nurses Matter, along with other material that speaks to specific areas in nursing  I feel need highlighting. I hope these posts remind you how unique and valuable you are as a nurse! I’ll add some common concerns that nurses have that may resonate with you as we go along, as well as facts that pertain to compassion fatigue and burnout. With these little slices into our nursing world, I hope to add some insights to help empower you as you continue your priceless gift of caring for patients. Always remember how much we need you! Your choice to come to work changes the lives of every patient you care for. Thank you!

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    In a great article, Peters (2018) explores research by multiple experts in the field of CF and burnout in nursing and identifies six characteristics…

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  • Your Sacred core charactistic as a Nurse

    A sacred core characteristics exist in you, the nurse and it’s tied to why you chose to become a nurse in the first place.…

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  • Nurses thoughts about why healthcare is failing them and their patients

    It is the one in the house who knows where the roof leaks.~ African proverb ~This beautiful African Proverb says it all! Nurses are…

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As a nurse, I’ve had the privilege of chatting with some fabulous podcast hosts about the state of nursing and our concerns about the plight of nurses in our current healthcare crisis. Please join us as we share our thoughts and ideas about how we can transform healthcare together.