Nurses Matter

In this conversational book, nurses are front and foremost where they belong in the battle to save themselves and healthcare. Thietz presents the unique challenges that exist for nurses working in the healthcare crisis post the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a path out of chaos into certainty.

In Nurses Matter, you will learn:

• How valuable and extraordinary you are in your role as a nurse 

• Why the World Health Organization has called for a speedy investment into nurses’ health and wellness

• The Four-Step Program on managing compassion fatigue, preventing burnout, and paying it forward while building resilience 

• The new Hybrid individual/Team Model that revolutionizes the way nurses provide care

• Ways to collaborate in a Nurses Matter Movement to empower nurses so they can lead the conversation on transformational change

Don’t wait; there is no time to waste. We are on the precipice of the collapse of healthcare globally. Nurses Matter, as the biggest group in healthcare, we are powerful in our Nurse Tribe, and we can do this together.